NETIZEN HOTEL | HOSTEL is a new concept in hospitality combining advantages of quality budget lodging and professional hotel management.

It is a hybrid of hotel and hostel, where guests may find different types of accommodation: from dormitories to private rooms. There is a Hotel Lobby with 24H reception and bar, co-working and entertainment zone for all guests no matter what room types they stay in. Electronic locks, Wi-Fi, soundproof walls and doors, security and fire systems, central ventilation and condition systems – all ensuring NETIZEN is built as a Hotel and differs from a typical hostel.


What the Guest sees when he first enters the hotel, how convenient it is to use the socket in the room and work in the color scheme chosen for co-working - all these details form the Guest's impressions. That is why our team devotes such careful attention to the interior design of each property. The primary goal is an ideal symbiosis of the technical side of the design which provides comfort and visual parts which are creating a mood. The final goal is to see an interior that fits any situation while remaining as functional as possible, visually appealing and fashionable. The interior in which a student will feel comfortable as well as a couple with children, because there will be a space for everyone. 



  • Staff flexibility and multifunctional tasks.
    Reasonable combination of staff duties reduces the company's costs, allowing adhering to a democratic price policy, while maintaining a high level of provided services.
  • Open Lobby Concept.
    The 24-hour Reception is combined with the Bar, so Guests can have a snack at any time. Breakfast zone is combined with Lobby area, which increases the functionality of each. Pointed zoning of the lobby space helps every Guest feel comfortable, regardless of the Hall size and the total number of Guests. Lounge area, Co-working zone and Meeting room can also change their functionality if necessary.
  • Rooms flexibility.
    The availability of private Rooms and common multi-beds Dorms increases the number of beds for Guests on the one hand, but does not limit their choice in the format of accommodation, on the another. Equipment of all Room Types is ergonomic, technological and creative; there are everything necessary and sufficient for a comfortable stay there and nothing superfluous.