St.Petersburg is in anticipation of the World Cup. NETIZEN is ready for the fans

St.Petersburg is in anticipation of the World Cup. NETIZEN is ready for the fans

St.Petersburg in anticipation of the World Cup in football. If the hotel market is ready for the fans, and which trends and new formats are waiting for us in the near future, experts discussed at a meeting of the Business Club Meeting in SOSofitel hotel .

The moderator of the meeting was Anna Kryukova, general manager of the hotels "Osobnyak Voennogo Ministra Hotel" and "ORBITA".

According to Nana Gvichia, deputy chairman of the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg, 1,7 million tickets were purchased for the World Cup, which will be held in Russia in June and July 2018, of which 800 thousand were purchased by our compatriots.

At the same time for the matches that will be held in St. Petersburg and Moscow, 1 million tickets were bought. However, such an influx should not come as a surprise: according to Nana Gvicia, last year St. Petersburg hotels received 7.5 million tourists, half of them were foreigners. In 2018, the number of tourists is projected to increase to 8 million people.

Evgenia Jenkins, CEO of the management company Netizen Group, spoke about the new hotel accommodation format for St. Petersburg - a hybrid of a hostel and a hotel. The company opened the first Hostel|Hotel NETIZEN in Moscow in 2015, and in December 2017 it was decided to open NETIZEN in St. Petersburg, in Grivtsova Lane. In the hybrid hotel there are multi-bed rooms and separate rooms with a bathroom. In St. Petersburg NETIZEN there is also a bar, coworking area and kitchen. Evgenia Jenkins highlighted three obstacles in increasing the number of foreign tourists in St. Petersburg: the lack of budget airlines, the high cost of a visa and a long winter.